BNMsponsorsThe Digital Marketing of Financial Services 2020 study is designed to equip global Financial Services firms with the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding its growing investment in digital marketing and media for effective digital engagement with advisers and investors.

The 2020 study will continue to benchmark against key metrics related to organization, budgets, strategy, digital agency procurement and digital media & marketing platforms.

The 2020 study will add APAC (Asia-Pacific) to the analysis. The APAC (Asia-Pacific) research initiative will mirror the U.S. research in output and methodology. The APAC research will be comprised of qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys of: (1) Financial Marketers; (2) Financial Intermediaries; (3) Investors.

The 2020 study will expanded to include an expanded focus on four key and interrelated areas of importance for digital marketers in 2020:

1. Data and Analytics: What data is being collected across digital channels, how is it being stored and analyzed, and how is the analysis integrated into delivery?

2. User Experience and Digital Journey Maps: How is the organization structured to evaluate and design to user experience and use-case considerations? How is experience effectiveness measured?

3. Content Strategy: How does the organization determine content needs and source content? How is content performance measured?

4. Compliance – What are the current and future regulations that are impacting digital marketing of Financial Services?  In particular, what are regulatory issues related to emerging platforms such as social and mobile?

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