Brand New Idea operates as the services arm of Brand New Media, providing Digital Marketing Consulting Services and Training Courses. Our training and services are organized around three distinct needs for digital marketing organizations:

1. How to Generate and Apply Data and Intelligence for Marketing Impact.
2. How to Create and Deliver Relevance to Generate Marketing Results.
3. How to Generate Innovation and Create New Opportunities Through Digital.

Our training courses are delivered by faculty in the Northwestern University Integrated Marketing Communications master’s degree program. Courses are three hours each. Please explore our listing of training topics.

Our consulting services extend the content of our training programs into practice with your organization, increasing your capability to:

1. Identify the highest-return opportunities through advanced insight and innovation,
2. Optimize marketing technologies and apply marketing science, and
3. Develop efficient and effective user experiences that drive results.

Please contact us for additional details about how we can help you identify and achieve high-return marketing and experience delivery.