Our training courses are delivered by faculty in the Northwestern University Integrated Marketing Communications master’s degree program. Courses are three hours each. Each course will provide your organization with alignment around key digital marketing concepts and an expanded set of skills and tools for more effective and efficient marketing delivery.

A general listing of topics is below. Please contact us  to discuss a customized training package for your organization.

Relevance Delivers Results

Data-driven User Experience: How to apply data and insights to the development of customer decision journey maps and cross-channel user experience designs.

Digital Content Strategy: How to determine the right content to produce through evaluation of objectives against segments and channels. Content management tactics and technologies.

Data-driven Social Media Strategy: How to utilize social media listening (text analysis), social network metrics and outbound social content tagging and measurement to optimize social media marketing strategy.

Information Deepens Impact

Cross-channel Technology and Data Integration: Implement and manage marketing technologies in collaboration with IT to ensure integration of data and optimization of delivery across channels.

Digital Segmentation and Targeting: Models for segmentation from digital behaviors. Discusses challenges and opportunities in digital targeting and personalization.

Measuring Digital Marketing Value: Covers a choice of topics including data blending and visualization, marketing mix and attribution analysis, ROI models and predictive modeling.

Innovation Creates Opportunities

Digital Marketing and Media Management: How to drive digital marketing success through management of internal talent, agency services and prioritization of initiatives across paid, earned and owned channels.

Consumer Insights & Market Intelligence: How to develop actionable customer insights from behavioral data in digital channels and effectively utilize these insights with digital market intelligence through DMPs and other sources

Digital Marketing Strategy & Innovation: How to identify strategic inputs for the development of an innovation strategy that informs product development, guides extension of existing products and services and addresses emerging customer segments.

Best Practices in Digital Customer Support: How customer support offered through multiple platforms can serve two types of support seekers to differentiate the brand for competitive advantage.